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Why Changing The Image Of Construction Can Help Solve The Skills Shortage
Construction is one of the UK’s biggest industries and career wise, it can offer something for everyone. Whether they’re good at maths, science,... More

3 Ways You Know You Need To Move Construction Companies
In Linkedin’s Talent Trends 2014 global research report, 18,000 professionals were questioned in 26 countries to understand what was on their mind... More

How to attract Gen Y Engineering and Construction Candidates
Broadly defined as anyone born in the eighties or nineties, Generation Y (or Millennials) is set to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to... More

3 Reasons Why Your Current Boss Wants You To Stay
You’ve made your mind up to leave your job. You’ve signed up with a specialist recruitment agency, you’ve secured an interview and after... More

Building Your Construction Team - Tips For Successful Hiring

The Project Management Skills That Construction Employers Are Looking For
With so many jobs in construction requiring you to manage a multitude of projects, it’s important that your project management skills are up to scratch.... More

5 Strategies For Building Effective Teams In Construction
Often with millions of pounds at stake, tight schedules and strict budgets, it’s no mistake that the most successful construction companies recognise... More

4 Must Ask Questions For Every Candidate
Here at HGA, the service to our clients doesn’t end once we’ve provided a select number of high quality, relevant CVs. We place client care... More

Overcoming The Challenges Of A Male Dominated Insustry
  Construction is still a very male dominated industry in the UK, particularly when it comes to engineers- in fact, there are less female engineers... More

5 Reasons Why Candidates Are Turning Down Your Job Offers
You don’t understand why it’s so hard to find good people these days. You’ve got open roles on the books that need to be filled and you... More

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