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Top 7 Construction Industry Myths
17th Nov 2014

For an industry that the general public see most days of their lives somewhere, there exists a multitude of myths about construction that lead it to be one of the most misunderstood sectors in the UK.

Construction is all about working in the cold and getting dirty

Sometimes it is, but it’s a rather outdated image of construction. Construction is one of the most forward thinking and modern industries, with a vast range of jobs; have a look at some of our infographics!  Site based jobs may be carried out in the cold in winter, but they’re on sites that are both safe and clean. There are also a huge range of other roles in the industry, from design and digital jobs to professional and managerial roles. They certainly don’t involve getting cold and dirty!



Construction is an industry for men

Not at all! Over 300,000 women work in the construction industry, across a range of roles, from site based labourers to a range of professional and managerial jobs. Construction offers fantastic career opportunities, and more and more women are joining the industry each and every day. Any form of sexism or sexual discrimination is unacceptable and is not tolerated.



Construction is bad for the environment

The environment is of the utmost importance to the construction industry with sustainability being a big focus. All modern buildings have to be designed and built in an environmentally friendly manner and have a positive effect on their surroundings and communities that use them.

Construction isn’t for graduates

No! Construction is one of the best industries for graduates to work in and it quite possibly offers more opportunities than any other industry. Construction graduates are well paid with fantastic career progression opportunities. Imagine a managerial role running sites with hundreds of workers and even more subcontractors. Or project managing a multi-million pound project that has national media attention. These sorts of roles require the best and brightest, and they are rewarded accordingly.

Construction isn’t for people who like modern technology

There’s an image that construction is quite traditional in terms of technology, but this is as far from the truth as you could get!

The construction industry uses (and develops) some of the very latest cutting edge technology. This includes complex computer modelling, virtual reality and even nanotechnology.



Construction apprenticeships only give you a limited career potential

An apprenticeship in the construction industry is one of the best decisions a school leaver can make. Whilst graduates have traditionally taken on management roles, modern apprentices are now able to reach the very highest levels of the industry. With world renowned, on the job training backed up with academic learning, you can gain a degree and chartered status if you wish. Many construction managers and professionals started as apprentices; it’s fast becoming a great way to get into the industry.

Working in construction is dangerous and bad for your health

There is no safer construction industry in Europe than in the UK. The CSCS card system ensures that everyone working on site has been fully trained in health and safety. The safety of site workers is of the utmost priority, and dust, dirt, noise and dangerous materials are all carefully monitored and controlled.


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