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The Countdown to Your Interview
17th Nov 2014

However well qualified or experienced you are, interviews can be a stressful experience. A mixture of nerves and excitement can make it an incredibly challenging experience. Make sure you’re 100% ready for your interview by following our interview countdown process.

Notification of your interview

The moment you hear that you have got an interview is where sometimes the stress and worry can begin. Normally you’ll find out at least a week or two before, which unfortunately gives plenty of time for the nerves to kick in. On a positive note, it also gives you plenty of time to begin your preparations for the day.


Do your research - Have a good read of the company’s website. Read as much as you can, because it will all build up a good knowledge of the organisation and this will come across well in an interview.

Don’t just limit yourself to the company's website though.




Trade press and specialist construction/engineering sites may have news and analysis on issues that could affect the company you are being interviewed by. Take a look at their competitor’s websites. This will give you a 360 degree view of the company and this knowledge will come across very well in the interview process.

Prepare answers for common questions asked in interviews. By prepare, we don’t mean read on the internet what you are supposed to say. An interview is a company’s chance to get to know the real you, why would you use an answer written by somebody else?

Have a think about how you’ll answer common questions like;

·         ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses?’

·         ‘Tell us about yourself?’

·         ‘What would your last manager say about you?’

·         ‘Why us and why now?’

Knowing how you will respond to classic questions like this definitely helps calm the nerves and it will stand you in good stead in the interview. Too many people spend too much time brushing up on their technical knowledge. The fact is, your interviewer is fully aware from your CV what your skills and qualifications are; the interview is their chance to get to know YOU as a person.

The day before your interview

With a confident knowledge about your potential new employer, the day before your interview is all about focussing on the more practical sides of interview preparation.

Appearance – Shower, wash your hair and look the part. No matter what you might think presenting well gets noticed and a lot more than people realise.




CV - Print out your CV, references and ‘brag file’ or examples of your work/recommendations. Although your interview will have copies of your CV, it’s good for you to have one to refer to if needs be during the interview

Transport - However you are getting there, make sure everything is OK and that there are no delays expected. If you are going by car fill it up the night before! It is NEVER acceptable to be later. Always take the contact details of the hiring manager and a fully charged mobile phone; trust us it’s worth it.


The day of the interview

Get up early - Even if your interview is in the afternoon, getting up early ensures you are not going to be late. It also gives you time to get your head together and prepare without rushing.



Food - Make sure you eat well on the day of your interview. Food is fuel for the brain and you need it to functioning 100% to give you the best chance of being successful in your interview. Avoid fast food and other unhealthy options and go for fruits, vegetables, healthy seeds and lean meats.

Remember your body language; the vast majority of human communication is done body language. So smile, give a firm hand shake, makes lots of eye contact and most of all just be friendly and approachable.

Enjoy it - Enjoy the interview as much as you can. Try to be as relaxed as possible and confident in your abilities. It’s your chance to shine so be proud of what you have achieved in your career and have confidence in your opinions. Interviews are never as bad as you think they’re going to be and if you’ve prepared for them well, they can actually be quite enjoyable.


Till next time,