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4 Easy Productivity Tips For Construction Engineers
17th Oct 2014

In today’s environment most employees are expected to do more with less and faster. Not always easy when we have distractions at every corner imaginable.

Just last week I was talking to a prospective candidate for a new construction vacancy we had and the subject of productivity came up. He told me that he was regularly working on four to five projects at once while managing another half a dozen team members.

Not an uncommon story. You can find many an article online about productivity and reading them can just add to the stress!

Having spoken to many successful candidates in my time here are the key productivity ideas they all seem to agree on. 

1. Have a plan

Old fashioned maybe; yet it works. Better to at least start the week with a plan that you can focus on rather than bouncing from one thing to the next. One guy I know has a Friday end of week meeting with himself. 

He reviews what he has achieved, what were his learning’s and what where the three big things he needed to achieve the next week. That gave him structure and a real focus about what needed to happen next.

2. Email management

A few years ago there was a trend that suggested only looking at your emails once a day. Great idea though not particularly practical. First you need to get them organised. Forget what anyone says, folders work no matter what email service you are using. You may or may not have the luxury of having some admin support that can do this for you. If you do, great. If not bite the bullet and just do it. You will be surprised how fast you can get things organised. There is a great book called; how to be a productivity ninja that has great tips on how to do this.

3. Rituals and batching

Having rituals in your life works. A strange word maybe, only it seems to describe what I am about to share in a practical way. Rituals are an age old concept that we have all used or experienced at certain times of our life.

For those of you with Children you will know the benefit of the ‘rituals’ or habits you have put into place. Food at a certain time, baths, playtime etc. It works and as human beings we are wired that way; yes even as adults. So how about a ritual about how often you review projects or talk to the team? This leads me onto an important productivity tip.

4. Energy and exercise

If you have a busy role (and who doesn’t?) you need to be mentally and physically fit enough to get it done. Don’t underestimate the power of giving your body what it needs. Firstly decent food at regular intervals and plenty of water.  Your body responds to fresh air and exercise. Take regular breaks look after yourself and you will be surprised at the impact it will have.


Best wishes,