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3 Ways To Stand Out At Your Next Construction Job Interview
17th Oct 2014

It’s great news that the UK economy is moving again and that there are an increasing number of construction vacancies on offer. All good news though don’t let complacency set in. The competition for the best jobs around is still much in evidence. And if you really want that great role you will need to make sure that you stand out. Here are three time tested ways that our successful candidates always pay attention to.



Knowledge Skills and Attitude

Paying attention to the three key areas of.

·         knowledge

·         Skills

·         Attitude 

I haven’t mentioned image; I always tend to class image and interview skills under the attitude banner. You don’t have to be Miss or Mr Slick! Make sure that you have made some effort. If you are unsure what that means, ask your friendly recruitment consultant for advice on that company’s dress code.

Skills and knowledge are a given for a more ‘technical’ sector like construction. The job spec will reveal all. Do you the ‘asked for’ skills? If the answer is yes, make sure you communicate that- which leads me onto the next point.



The first key point that many people miss is; have a plan for the interview. Most of the candidates we interview, who have a construction background understand the value of planning. Especially if you need a specific result; big hint here.



Two of the main criteria that your interviewer is likely to use are; you’re competence and your level of experience. Depending on the role and the organisation one might be ahead of the other. Ask your recruitement consultant to give you their take on this as it could be extremely helpful for you in formulating your approach. Why? Because you need to plan your interview in such a way that you ensure you put over your ‘own’ key messages.

Many construction candidates can ‘forget’ to mention specific projects they have been involved in that could give them a final tick in the interviewers ‘perfect criteria’ box. In the construction sector most candidates will have been involved in multiple projects and as a successful contributor to the team.  Make sure you communicate that and the role that you played.


Find out what is important to them

Find out what might be important to your potential new employer; making that connection will pay dividends. The easiest thing to do is to carry out thorough research. You will be amazed at what this will uncover. With good old Google it is pretty easy to do. Scour their website. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and facebook and look at the messages they are sharing.

You have formulated your plan and hopefully you have fully prepared? In my experience you can never do enough preparation. This is not a ‘night’ before activity. Spend time on this and make notes. Ask your significant other to ask you some relevant questions and practise your response.

Now here is something not every candidate is good at; selling themselves. Think of yourself as a product that someone is buying-which is what is happening by the way. Think about it. We buy products because we think we will be better for having them. They will make our life easier and provide years of good service. Remember this same ‘need’ is in your interviewers mind. They need to understand what you can bring to their organisation and the potential you might have.


Till next time,