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5 Reasons Why Candidates Are Turning Down Your Job Offers
13th Oct 2015

You don’t understand why it’s so hard to find good people these days. You’ve got open roles on the books that need to be filled and you seem to be interviewing plenty of qualified people, but for some reason your shortlisted candidates seem to be turning your job offers down. Your recruitment process is becoming a costly and frustrating exercise, and you’re losing business and productivity, and being forced to hire poor-quality candidates.

What’s going wrong?

There are a few things that you may be doing wrong in your recruitment process - and it’s vital to fix them as quickly as possible, as the boom in construction will only lead to further skill shortages.
1.  Start with the obvious: Are you paying enough? What’s your benefits package like in comparison with the competition? You can research industry salary averages or better still give your specialist construction recruiter a call to find out what you should be offering for that role. Even if you cannot afford to pay more, you may be able to make your firm more attractive to candidates with flexible hours and incentive schemes.
2.  Remember that you need to be appealing to the Gen Y (Millennial) candidates, who we have talked about before. Work culture, rapid promotion paths, a sense of purpose and flexible hours are extremely important to this group. If your company culture is quite conservative with little mobility or innovation opportunities for new recruits, they will go elsewhere.
3.  Does your construction company offer training and development opportunities? Candidates want to feel that their career will rise rather than stagnate by taking a role with your firm. Construction is a rapidly-evolving business and its workforce needs regular training to keep up. If there is no training included in the role, candidates will look to other organisations who invest in their employees.
4.  Is your recruitment process a mess? Do your interviews stretch on over months? Do you attract hundreds of poorly qualified candidates with unclear job-ads? Do you have a professional construction recruitment company running your recruitment process, or is it all down to you? Do you actually have time to be reading endless CV’s and running interviews? (If not, a specialist recruiter will source, vet and streamline the best candidates.)
5.  Are you selling your company to the candidate? A lot of us are still stuck in the interviewing mindset that the candidate needs to sell themselves to us, when in a candidate-driven market it’s actually the other way around when it comes to the star talent. Sit down and really analyse what’s great about your company, and then SELL IT.
It’s no longer enough to offer a job to a lucky candidate and have it snapped up eagerly. The skills shortage in construction has already begun, and is set to get decidedly worse. You need to act now to secure (and retain) the best candidates available.
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